Management is child-rearing, store sales (sales promotion) is love life!

Management is child-rearing, store sales (sales promotion) is love life!

Management (strategy) is parenting

Store development is divided according to whether it is directly managed or franchised.

This growth strategy can be described as management's preference.

Direct management development is,

The directly managed stores are like children who travel, study, and live with their own children on a trial basis but return to them.

FC development (finding foster parents)

Who will foster the child? In which area and in which country?

It is like a child who never comes back. That's why we look for foster parents.



I don't know if one is better than the other.

I am definitely a franchisee.

In Japan, however, some people have the image that franchising is a pyramid scheme.

It is unfortunate.

There is no parent who is not interested in the kind of home and the kind of people their child will be raised by.

But when it comes to business, they are told to "go sign a contract with whoever you want.

Not a few headquarter managers interpret franchise development as a kind of alchemy in which franchise fees and royalties are paid.

I have been in the franchise business for 30 years, and when I talk with some of the managers, I immediately sense the stench of corruption.

This is one of the final functions of our headquarters selection process.

It's called "stay out of harm's way.

After 30 years of working in the franchise industry, I believe there is only one factor that makes a franchise successful.

That is,

Who you work with.

That is, who you work with.


What kind of franchisees do you sign with to promote your business?

It comes down to this. 

Good franchisees

Good franchisees will absorb the know-how of the head office and will create new know-how by exchanging it with the various know-how in their own company.

They want to know the know-how of other member stores and absorb it as much as possible.

They use the head office in a good sense.

Evil member store

They do not listen to the know-how of the head office and promote their own know-how.

They think that if things go well, it's their fault, and if they fail, it's the head office's fault.

They immediately take legal action.

Imagine that your company's franchisees are all evil franchisees.

The company, executives, and employees would be exhausted.

The work will be backwards-looking. Retirements would follow.

The franchise business is

The ideal situation for a franchise business is one in which "good money drives out bad money.

→For more information on Gresham's "bad money drives out good money," click here.

This is the opposite of Gresham.

To achieve this, we should hold more and more merchant associations to improve the openness between the headquarters and the merchants.

There should be a hotline between merchant management and headquarters management.

In the case of franchisee development, there are many

Matching sites

Member development agencies

But can you really find a franchisee that fits your company's needs if you ask them to do it?

Think about it.

Can you find the perfect match without knowing everything about the headquarter company and its managers?



What kind of company would a headquarters manager really want to entrust his/her own child (brand) to?

Not one that receives "monetary compensation" from merchants, etc., in exchange for entrusting their own children to them.

Is our development team developing franchises with this in mind?

How about it?

Store sales (sales promotion) is a love affair

At one time, there was a lot of activity to attract customers through Catch, Hot Pepper, and various social networking discounts.

Discounting is like selling yourself, saying to your face, "I originally paid 100 yen, but today I'll only pay 70 yen.

If the goal of love life is marriage, am I the only one who thinks there is no tomorrow for those who are only looking for a one-night stand (store)?

This is not marriage forever.

Unlike human marriage. The store personality The corporate personality's marriage is

It is a world where polygamy and monogamy are allowed.

Being able to marry many people = more fixed customers.

What are your (your store's) characteristics?

How do you find people who will appreciate it and look at it properly?

Announcement for recognition activities, going to places where you think there will be people who like you to look for a partner.

This is important.

However, do not say "find me" to anyone.

For example, "Tenka Ippin" is a brand that polarizes people into liking and disliking.

But that is fine.

Tastes that appeal to everyone and dishes that appeal to everyone have no appeal.

There are good tastes and so-so tastes.

What is important is who it tastes good for.

You should make the characteristics you have sharp and look for people who will like them.

The same goes for love life and food and drink.

You should make your own personality sharp and look for people who will like it.

Even if you decorate yourself (your restaurant), put on makeup, modify it with apps, and post it on the Internet, the plating will eventually come off. You won't know who you are anymore.

The same goes for cosmetic surgery.

It is important to find someone who appreciates your true charm.

That is sales, marketing, and promotional activities.

You will not be happy if you are discounted, make a "fake" self, and have cosmetic surgery and be appreciated.

I can't marry someone like that. (And if I have children, my face will give me away...)

The activity of knowing one's own personality and characteristics subjectively and objectively, and continuing to look for someone who will like them.

That is sales activity and business love life.

Then again, one thing I learned in Corona this time is how important regular customers, fixed customers, or "fans" of the store are to store management.

People always think of the store even when it is closed. I wonder how many stores are aware of the status of their regular customers (repeaters) rather than how to attract new customers.

Who came last month, and who hasn't come in 3 months?

Such is the DX of store management.

This is just the beginning. Know your fans, connect with them, and live with them.

Isn't business interesting when you think like that?

Assentia Holdings, Inc.

Akira Tsuchiya